Friday, November 11, 2005

Rock Huckster

Speaking of the soon-to-disappear Ambassador Hotel, here's the winner for most unlikely momento: Someone is selling chunks of concrete from the building on eBay (find the page here).

Bidding starts at $2, or you can buy the rock outright at $4.99. Not so surprisingly, no one has placed a bid yet. From the eBay writeup:

Howdy!  I am in Los Angeles.  I live near the famous Ambassador, which is being torn down as we speak.  I take daily walks in front of it early in the morning.  They ae really going to town on the demolition now. 

Here's what you get in this incredible auction:

--Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles Stone from Building
--the Ambassador was made of concrete
--the hotel was build in 1921
-- this is a concrete shard from the NE Bungalow
-- hold this little shard and feel all the famous people that used to stay in the Bungalows, from Elvis to Howard Hughes
it is the hotel of a million memories
-- $3.85 ship in the US
-- Stored in a friendly, smoke free environment

Wat, you didn't mention it was being held in a friendly environment! I'm in!

Given the sheer amount of real Ambassador momentos out there (silverware, flyers, furniture, etc.) a chunk of concrete, I'm afraid. doesn't cut it.

But it does remind me of the time I saved a chunk of Santa Monica Boulevard. Back when West Hollywood was tearing up and reworking the street, I saved a piece of the old concrete that included a stamp proclaiming its construction in the 1920s. I eventually tossed it out, but hell, I probably could have put it on eBay as a "piece of historic Route 66" and made a nice profit.


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