Saturday, February 25, 2006

One Last RFK Tribute at the Ambassador

One of the cool things about launching The Ambassador's Last Stand has been hearing from people across the country who have fond or personal memories of the hotel -- even, for some, after it had already been shut down.

I recently received a letter and some pictures from Brent Lyons of Illinois, who visited L.A. in June 1998 upon the 30th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy's assassination.

He writes:

On the morning of June 5, 1998, I purchased two sets of white flowers. I decided to try to put the flowers on the property of the Ambassador Hotel. So from Wilshire Boulevard, I walked up the drive to the parking lot and asked the parking lot attendant, who was at his booth, if I could g on the Ambassador grounds and put my flowers down. To my amazement, the parking lot attendant said to me nicely, "Go ahead."

I walked from the parking lot area to the front of the Cocoanut Grove entrance. I then put one set of white flowers on the lawn and took pictures... I noticed that the front doors of the Cocoanut Grove were open, and I decided to go inside. (You will notice, in my pictures, that there were vans and people were unloading them for making films at the Ambassador. I laid down the second set of white flowers on the floor in the Cocoanut Grove.

I felt lucky enough for this experience, and left the Ambassador grounds without a hassle.

Thanks Brent -- and for everyone else, please keep sending in your memories.


Blogger Real History Lisa said...

The Ambassador Hotel, in mostly demolished state, may (might?) be seen on an upcoming Discovery Channel segment. They filmed me at the gate, looking at the destruction-in-progress, for a segment they are doing on the RFK assassination. No air date yet but I'll let you know when I find out. (They had me on because I'm a published author on the case.)

And hey - if anyone was there "that" night and has a story to share, I'd LOVE to hear it, since I'm working on a new book on the case...

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read a couple of excerpts from Mel Ayton's soon-to-be published "The Forgotten Terrorist." The book's premise is Sirhan acted alone and focuses on his fanatical version of Palestinian nationalism.

What I've read so far is pretty convincing.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Mel Ayton has an axe to grind and his thesis that Sirhan acted alone is simply not borne out by the evidence.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Mel Ayton said...

Ms Pease,
Please prove how I have 'an axe to grind'.This is nothing but smear tactics used by a committed conspiracy advocate.If Lisa Pease has not read my book how can she say it is 'not borne out by the evidence'?
My book will be published later this year - in the meantime readers may be interested in the following article:,0508-5.htm

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMBUSHED AND MURDERED JUNE 5, 1968 BY MORE THAN ONE PERSON --- This guy is clearly a shill/moron committed to spreading the stupid lies of the "Lone Nut" illusion... Someday soon the truth about RFK's murder will out, yet not through twisted propaganda such as a book with this laughable title... The real terrorists are those who advance lies and falsehoods as truths... We are not all sheeple.

6:13 AM  
Blogger ukauthor said...

Lisa Pease is clearly deranged as anyone who reads her comments above will conclude.
Her immature way of posting - shill/moron etc - is really rather silly.
Pease states RFK was ambushed and murdered - by whom? Readers can judge the evidence when my book is published next Spring.In the meantime she offers absolutely nothing in the way of credible evidence to support her preposterous theories.
If anyone has been brainwashed in this tragic tale it is Pease and her cohorts who continue to confuse the American people with their guesses and speculations.Readers may wish to check out Dan Moldea's 'The Killing Of Robert F Kennedy' for the true facts surrounding Pease's alleged 'ambush'.
Pease's driving force isn't idealism - it's MONEY!

2:58 AM  
Blogger ukauthor said...

“The deceit of history, whether it occurs in the context of Holocaust denial or in an effort to rewrite the story of Dr King’s death, is a dangerous impulse for which those committed to reasoned debate and truth cannot sit still.”
The Washington Post 12.12.99

Daniel Pipes observed, “I am more optimistic, trusting the stability of a mature democracy and noting that Americans have survived previous conspiracist bouts without much damage. But nonsensical, ugly, and pernicious ideas do not fail of their own accord; they need to be fought against and rendered marginal. The task starts with recognizing that they exist, then arguing against them.”

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real deranged ones are those who insist on defending the laughable notion that only lone nuts take out people like RFK, JFK, MLK etc... FOLLOW THE MONEY and ASK: "Who benefits most from their deaths?" Then, study the massive, SOLID evidence of MULTIPLE GUNS in RFK's murder (and JFK's as well for that matter). Doesn't take a genius; just people with an objective brain and an open mind --- unlike the pernicious idiot ukauthor who insists on defending the whitewash/propaganda lone nut version of history (BTW, as with my previous post which you falsely attributed to the fine researcher Lisa Pease, the name's "Anonymous," not "Lisa Pease," o brilliant one. Clearly you cannot think straight nor read what's right in front of you... yet we ought to give your BS viewpoint stock, eh? I don't think so...) Freedom! Forever!

1:27 PM  
Blogger ukauthor said...

If you had made the decision not to hide under a cloak of anonymity then perhaps I would have addressed my remarks to the correct poster - I assumed Pease was using two pseudonyms.
What evidence do you refer to? You make the claim that there is 'solid' evidence that there was more than one shooter. It appears you have only read Melanson, Pease, Turner etc and their seriously flawed conspiracy accounts of the assassination. Had there been any solid evidence Vincent Bugliosi would have run with it as he has said many times. As it turns out all the so-called 'suspicious' pieces of evidence can all be explained rationally and logically.
A question - have you read Dan Moldea's book, the 138 page FBI report and the 1500 page LAPD Summary Report?
If you have you simply cannot make these ridiculous claims.

3:16 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

I have not only read the 1500 page LAPD summary report, I have read about 15,000 pages from the LAPD's investigative files, easily available on microfilm to anyone who seriously wants to get to the bottom of the case.

Bottom line. 8 bullets accounted for. Four additional bullet holes unaccounted for, per the FBI's photos from the pantry. And there are numerous LAPD,kitchen and press witnesses to the removal of a bullet from the doorframe inside the pantry. Anyone who tells you Sirhan could possibly have fired 9 shots from an eight shot gun either hasn't done their homework or is lying to you. It's just that black and white.

Mel - I've read your articles and seen you on TV. From what I've read and seen already, there is no point in reading your book. Did you know - well, I'm not going to spoil it. All I'd suggest is you take a lesson from Gerald Posner. No one believes him now. You're next.

10:51 PM  
Blogger ukauthor said...

If you are so much of an expert why can't you support your thesis with credible and expert sources, e.g Larry Sturdivan and Dan Moldea?

You have just revealed how narrow- minded you are by stating you have no intention of reading my book - which means you will not be reviewing it.

You have an agenda - it is to continue making nonsensical claims, supported by ludicrous organizations like JFK Lancer, in order to keep your minor career alive.

p.s. Gerald Posner's credibility is still very much recognized throughout the world - something you have no chance in attaining.You would be aware of this if you didn't ignore worthwhile books by leading historians in the United States and the UK.

Simply stating something doesn't make it true - but you are an expert at this. No, your 'more than 8 shots' thesis is not only flawed but also worthless as leading experts in ballistics and forensics will testify to when my book is published next year.

2:47 AM  
Blogger ukauthor said...

Professor McAdams has absolutely no respect for Lisa Pease and her ridiculous and paranoid conspiracy claims - "Lisa Pease' Real History Archives gives you a dose of the really extreme conspiracy view. Pease believes that a very large conspiracy murdered Kennedy, and continues to cover up the crime. She includes the mainstream media, much of academia, many conspiracy authors, all authors who believe Oswald did it alone, and virtually all the posters on USENET newsgroups who don't believe in a conspiracy in her cast of sinister people. For a scary reminder of where this sort of thinking leads, click here for Lisa Pease' page on the Oklahoma City bombing. Now removed from her site, she displayed it for over two years."

3:37 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

LOL! "Ukauthor", aka Mel Ayton, clearly doesn't know that John McAdams outed himself re his association with a CIA funded institute. McAdams even lied about his identity - posing as "Paul Nolan" at an assassination conference. And as if that wasn't bad enough, he hid his Harvard PhD to a reporter and pretended instead to be a computer store owner. Was he that embarrassed to be quoted as himself? (God, *I* would be if I ever espoused the crap HE has!)

It's a badge of honor to be detested by McAdams, the biggest shill on the 'net.

And as for Dan Moldea? Only another shill could give him credibility after Moldea's cowardly cave. He actually believed that a kitchen worker convinced policemen and FBI experts that holes were "bullet holes" - as if the LAPD and FBI could be told by anyone what to think. These guys spend lifetimes in crime scene investigations. Bill Bailey of the FBI has stated many times, unequivocally, that the extra holes in the pantry door frame were absolutely, definitely, "bullet holes."

If Moldea believes Bailey is wrong and his thesis is right - well, that really requires no further comment.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Btw - I did not post as anyone but myself in this thread. Mel Ayton may not be Ukauthor, but he is an author, and he lives in the UK, so that's a far assumption. But I did not post as anonymous. Yet another factual error from Mel Ayton, yawn.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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