Friday, November 25, 2005

Ambassador Cam #12

UPDATED -- see addition to post below

Ambassador Hotel, 11/23/05, 10:30 a.m.

From the mailbag:

Many thanks for your website, I find it quite interesting. I never stayed in the hotel but in the early seventies my parents took me to see Sammy Davis Jr. and on a subsequent trip Diana Ross. I have grown increasing interested in the outcome of the hotel, being I’m in So Ca every other week on business. After viewing Chris Kraus’ tour on March 1st, I was able to convince one of the security guards to take me on a tour at about 7:00 PM on April 13th. I purchased a disposable camera and flashlight, unfortunately the photo quality is substandard.

But I was able to tour the Palm Bar, Embassy Ballroom, Pantry Kitchen, Lobby, the guards keys we unable to unlock the doors to the Grove. I drove my wife and 12 year old son by to see it in August, while we were vacationing in So CA; they think I have lost my mind being “obsessed with on old hotel.” Thanks for the site.

Randy/Danville, CA


Regarding architectural plans for the Ambassador Hotel, Kurt Helfrich, Curator of the Architecture and Design Collection, University Art Museum, UC Santa Barbara wrote that their Hunt and Chambers Collection contains over 40 working drawings (elevations, plans, sections, details) for the Ambassador Hotel, as well as an articles and clippings file and a file of historic photographs. The plans can be viewed by appointment. Thanks to the Conservancy, your photographic website, Dr. David Gebhart and the curators of the UCSB collection of architectural drawings, and all others who are advocates for saving the historic structures of California."

Barbara/San Diego

Meanwhile, several people have also asked about the plastic tarp covering part of the Cocoanut Grove entrance. I believe that's because the nightclub is one of the few parts of the hotel that will be saved. The district will spend $15 million to turn the nightclub into an auditorium.

Also to be saved: The Paul Williams-designed coffee shop beneath, which will be turned into a faculty lounge. And portions of the Embassy Ballroom -- where RFK gave his final speech, seconds before being assassinated -- will be used as the school library.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is extremely sad to see The Ambassador Hotel, which playe such a role in our country's history be demolished. Since the architectual plans have been found, it would be nice if a company such as Inter-Continental Hotels or Renissance Hotels would find a location and build a new Ambassador Hotel that looks like the old one. I realize that it would never be the same, but it could be used to teach students and people young and old alike about the history of the original Ambassador Hotel.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous lcr said...

I read somewhere that part of the movie "Bobby" is being filmed in the Ambassador. This seems hard to believe, given the ongoing destruction of the building. Does anyone know if they are actually filming at the site?

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice shots. I try to keep up with the demolition however it is very hard for me, even that I live 1 block away. I was a big fun of the hotel since I learned it's story. For those of you who speaks Polish here is a little something:

and what I try to keep now is here: (with some English)

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW: the little something is from my old site.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow I never new that they were doing this . I remeber passing by it in my parents old Pinto. And my mother telling me that this was the last place Robert Kenndy was alive ! And I never forget that. I was only a little 4 year old girl when My mother would tell me this ! And of course Everytime I would pass by it I would just think what life it must of had and movement and color it had ! For it too be all gone ! This really makes me sad too hear this !

11:54 PM  

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