Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ambassador Cam, #17

Ambassador Hotel, Dec. 12, 10:07 a.m.

Kids take part in physical education class in the Ambassador yards, as the north wing -- except the Cocoanut Grove -- has completely disappeared.


Anonymous ziabonita said...

the really sad part is if LAUSD really wants to just make more classrooms, they could have rennovated the millions of sq ft of empty office space on wilshire blvd for pennies compared to the $350 million they spend on the Ambassador...which will of course balloon to $500 million. What a waste in fact LAUSD is INSANE for spending $15 BILLION dollars on NEW SCHOOLS when kids can't read...as for the Ambassador. The property has been abandoned for so long at a certain point it should just be left alone having that 24 acres there of peace and solitude in the midst of the most densely populated neighborhood in the country was very nice...not to mention the great historical energy eminating from the property. I am NOT HAPPY to see 10,000 kids moving accross the street. Wilshire traffic is horrendous and dangerous, not to mention the idiocy of housing 1st and 2nd graders on the same campus as teenagers. it is a sad and misguided world we live in...even in this great city where we are so lucky compared to so many others the fact is our leaders do not represent us anymore they are a bunch of greedy power driven mongers who lack grace and compassion. Sorry to generalize but all you have to do is look at the people living in tents in Louisianna and then listen to Mr. Bush talk about installing democracy in Iraq and rebuilding their water supplies and their schools and all the freakin private security we employ (mercinaries!) we are insane this human strain and it is totally up to US the people who do care to stand up over the next 10 years and put an end to the greed and coruption...HOW CAN VILLARIGOSSA NOT KNOW ABOUT THE HOMELESS PROBLEM DOWNTOWN UNTIL THE LA TIMES DOES AN ARTICLE??????
it is NOT just about increasing the Gross National Product and growing the cities revenue through cruel and unusual enforcement of parking violations or generating empty tourist dollars which do not really benefit the advancement of mankind...closing a perfectly functioning and peacefull Griffith Observetory for THREE YEARS so that STORES can be added to create MORE CROWDS OF TOURISTS is a disgusting reflection of the greed that drives our collective social decisions...it is about true quality of life ...how good are our marriages and our families and our friendships? How much do each of us see ourselves for who we are and really love ourselves and are curious to grow spiritually and emotionally and intellectually every day??? How many of us are just insecure know-it-all's lacking emotional intelligence, but with money and power and simply acting out all over the place??? there is ENOUGH money created already Capialism has NOT Evolved in 300 years we are still driving the machine to merely "create wealth" the dow is up from 700 15 years ago to over 10,000...has your salery increased that much??? Why should exxon or mobile pay 2% of their revenue in tax when a working stiff doing 50 hours a week to feed the family makes $60,000 and has to pay 35% in taxes??? why are we still so tied to a form of transportation that is 150 years old??? Why is gas priced differently depending on the station?? it's not as if buying gas is really a "choice";
we are NOT really doing anything to make the world better for the VAST majority...even just looking at our own country...and the so called "leaders" who say I'm wrong and defend themselves and their programs are really living in denial...winning a "war" (no congressional act of war declared thank you very much and what an insult to the WWII veterans) on terror by terrorizing people???Is it just me??? can we kill ALL the bad guys??? It is CRAZY. Yes I want to be safe but this is not the way I'm sorry it's not...It seems everything these days is corrupt and fixed it freightens me because so many are powerless and so many major decisions by our "government" are HUGE mistakes and we, THE PEOPLE are simply stuck with it...including building this school...happy Birthday to me...

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Anonymous Mike said...

Just found this site...I have a few pics of the inside of the Ambassador from a couple years ago you all might be interested in when I was scouting in and around the grounds: http://www.mvlimbert.com/PhotIndexAMB.html. When walking through the place I asked my guide about the asbestos. He said that the sheer amount of it in the building was preventing the demolition. Guess some rules have been rewritten...have tons of shots BTW from that scout.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, just as all of you, are extremely anguished about this demolition. This hotel is a glimpse of aour past an anchor but what really connects us isnt the building but the memories and we will always have those. My husband works for LAUSD and I had the , what I consider, The most privilaged honor to visit this magnificent stucture and even though I wanted so badly for it to never disappear. I was so structurally unsoun it wasn't funny. There were giant holes in the higher floors where I could see down to the next floor and even the floor below that asbestos everywhere, termites, bad. People forgot this building along time ago, but you see whe never really forgot it it was always in our memories. There was no other option than to demolish it even though it hurts our hearts. There wasnt enough support and knowledge behind this. Beleive it or not It will cost less to demolish it and rebuild new structures on the property than to try and refurbish it by a long shot.

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