Monday, December 26, 2005

Ambassador Cam #20

We've got a backlog of new Ambassador destruction shots, taken Friday morning. First up, the latest view from Wilshire:

Ambassador Hotel, 12/23/05, 10:10 a.m.

Closer look of the Cocoanut Grove, now under wraps

But I've expanded the scope, since the view from Wilshire hasn't been changing too much. A few views from Catalina and 7th (on the building's east side), where the latest destruction is more pronounced:

Coming up later this week: More reader submitted photos of the Ambassador pantry, as well as pics from earlier this year of the hotel in its final pre-destruction mode.


Anonymous Victor Atomic said...

Thanks for the update! Poor girl
=( ... if intrested I have a few digi photos of the hotel and the bungalows the week before the auction... let me know thanks - Victor (

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Victor Atomic said...

... question ... Of the furnishings inside, such as the lobby desk and smaller things like fixtures and wall art of the lobby shops how much of it was really saved? Curious to know since I see alot of pictures from inside the hotel with a item here and there. Also I security guard at the site had told me that there was a room with walls covered in autographed pictures and posters of various guest of the hotel from its many years, anyone have a clue if any of it was saved? I wish I was able to attend the auction not too long ago and buy me a lil piece of the Ambassador to have at home.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the one who came up with the idea of a new Ambassador Hotel being built to replace the old one. I also came up with the idea of a work study program as well. Based on some of the comments that I have read, my idea has some merit by some people. Not much use by others. One person said that my idea of a work study program was naieve. Maybe so. Let's face it. I am just an incurable romantic who loves old style hotels. Especially ones that have history to them. I appreciate the feelings of those who see merit in my ideas and respect those who do not.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Bob said...

Not sure about a room with pictures and posters, but there was a room many years ago with signatures and drawings done by famous folks who visted there. It was in the very south chunk of the hotel, overlooking the Lido Court, and it had been painted over quite some time before. If you check out that "Ambassador: A Last Look" photo show thingy, the blue room is that room. I doubt highly if anything was done to save it. As far as the casino level (lobby shops), a small amount was sold at auction (some of the signs), but it's hard to say what's happened to the rest. I was hoping that some of the glass storefronts (especially the post office) would be preserved - I certainly know I would have taken the glass if I had been able to get ahold of them.

9:38 PM  

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