Friday, January 20, 2006

Ambassador Cam, #27

The Ambassador Hotel's remains, including the Cocoanut Grove, 1/18/06

Thanks to reader Robert Peate, who passed along these new shots. (Which are obviously facing east -- well, sort of southeast -- as you can see the downtown skyline in the background.)

Hope to see you at the Ambassador Hotel wake on Feb. 2 -- be sure to RSVP soon!


Anonymous Wojtek Gil said...

Hi there.

I got the other angle shot this morning. It took me 5 minutes to talk to the security, I had to showe my Journalistic ID and then I was escorted by a security guy and allowed to take ONE shot :-) Funny. Anyway here it is:

CLick to view

12:40 PM  
Anonymous clarke said...

Noooo!!! :((
I didn't know that.... It's very sad news.
It's not to my knowledge nor my comprehension why it's so easy to destroy pieces of story just like that, in America.
Althought I've never been in Los Angeles, I saw it in many movies, and it is the site of Bob Kennedy's assassination, it is defenitevely story itself.
Besides, when you look at that picture in the hotel's site, the one which shows the hotel in its early life, all surrounded by fields and woods, it seems it was placed on another planet if compared to the current neighborhoods. Just this would have been enough good reason to preserve it, as living memory of California as it was and how it changed.
It was one of the scheduled targets to be seen during my next summer trip to California. Unfortunately I discover now that it won't be there.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Sal said...

It's always much easier to destroy than to create. Although preserve might be right behind that.

Is the wake a formal event? And where is the HMS Bounty located in relation to the "former" hotel sight?

Also, what are the plans for the Cocoanut Grove structure? Obviouslt the side of the building used in countless films will be offeref once again form filming. But what's to become of the interior?

11:14 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

The Ambassador event is a simple party, so people will be wearing a wide variety of stuff, I'm sure. The HMS Bounty is located across the street from the Ambassador... meanwhile, the Cocoanut Grove will be used as the new school's auditorium. The inside had already been remodeled beyond recognition.

3:26 PM  
Blogger blackiemonty said...

Those photos are startling in their bleakness. Like an aging starlett cast aside.

6:33 AM  

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