Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Ambassador's Last Stand, As Seen From Above

Thanks to Darleene, who found this great shot of the Ambassador Hotel taken by blogger Doc Searls, who flew above much of L.A. recently and chronicled much of it. (Also via

This is a shot of the hotel from the back; Wilshire is at the top of the pic; the bungalows used to be on the right. As you've seen from our ground shots, most of the hotel is already gone -- this just gives it another perspective from the sky.

Quite a contrast to this Windows Live Local pic from a few years ago, taken from the same angle, with Wilshire at the top of the photo:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was taking photos at the Ambassador Hotel today (Sunday 1/15) and an administrator drove up. He said that the remaining portion of the hotel will be down "in two days". I don't know if the two days are Monday and Tuesday of the coming week or Tuesday and Wednesday, since Monday is a holiday. But the hotel's remaining structure (other than the area of the Cocoanut Grove which is being preserved) will probably be gone by Thursday!

Several photographers were present today, and the weather was fine for photography. The view of the south facade of the hotel was shocking, to say the least, as the last time I saw it at Christmas, the south facade was still intact.
The only remaining structure is a small piece of the main building separated from the Cocoanut Grove portion and standing precariously on it's own.

3:56 PM  
Blogger blackiemonty said...

I knew it was coming for a long time but it was still a shock to see these last photos. I am on the East Coast and always visited the Ambassador when in LA.

She is gone and so are the Brown Derbys. Please preserve LA and it's great sites. Don't let this happen again.

4:52 AM  

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