Thursday, May 06, 2004

Free Bungalows!

While the LA Unified School District still ponders the fate of the Ambassador Hotel, the property's huge two-story bungalows -- once the home-away-from-home for actors, rock stars and dignitaries -- have already been marked for demolition.

The L.A. Conservancy, focused on saving the main hotel building, has regretfully decided to take a loss on the bungalows, which LAUSD wants to clear to make room for more school land.

Still, there's a chance the buildings can still be saved. According to the L.A. Times, The district has offered to give them away to anyone who will move them. But so far, no takers have come forward, although four of the buildings were designed by Myron Hunt and two by Paul Williams, both architects of note.

The catch?

The buildings, which range from 8,400 square feet to 61,000 square feet, are empty, asbestos-riddled and showing their age, some dating to the 1920s... Anyone who agrees to take the bungalows faces some hefty, though still unknown, moving bills. The bungalows would have to be removed from foundations, carved up for transportation and then reassembled.

Only one potential taker has expressed interest so far -- but he dropped out after learning what it would take to move the properties.