Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally, Action at the Ambassador?

The Ambassador Hotel site hasn't changed much in several months (it still looks the same as above, which was shot back in April).

But it looks like there's finally some activity on the site for the first time in several months.

Reader James writes in:

I've really enjoyed your Ambassador Hotel blog. I live about 10 feet from the hotel property, so I've been very interested in what's happening there, and your site has been a source of much useful info.

Thought you might be interested to know: after a couple months of silence, the bulldozers have been back to work there for the past three days (they showed up on Saturday morning, and continued on Monday and Tuesday). They're not doing anything to the building itself (what's left of it), but they're hard at work digging up portions of the property behind the building.

Does this renewed activity signal anything important? (for example, are they gearing up to start working on the school?) Useful intel has been hard to find.

Meanwhile, I just discovered that the fine folks at have posted Diane Keaton's speech from the Ambassador Wake online at You Tube -- check it out here.